Popular global brand Wagamama opens third restaurant in Doha

In a memorable opening on October 16, 2022 at Doha’s Place Vendôme, Ali Bin Ali Hospitality opened its third outlet for Wagamama restaurant, one of the global brands it stewards in Qatar.

In his statement during the launch, Ali Bin Ali Hospitality Group General Manager, Mr. Bassel Salim Ammar, noted that he was thrilled about the opening of the new eatery. “Vendôme is one of Qatar’s best-known and luxurious shopping centers, and therefore a perfect choice for opening the new outlet,” he said. He added that the ambiance of the new location only adds to the allure of the restaurant and it is expected for more customers to visit.

The story of Wagamama began in early 1992 with the opening of the very first restaurant in London’s Bloomsbury, which was inspired by traditional Japanese noodle bars and Asian inspired flavors. In Qatar, the brand has captured the attention of its guests with its exciting and inclusive casual dining experience with a stylish and contemporary setting.

The new Wagamama restaurant promises unique experiences for diners as it offers exclusive menus, set-up, and ambiance, among other exquisite features that resonate with the Place Vendôme. The Place Vendôme is one of Qatar’s lavish malls that exudes grandeur and style.

The new branch reaffirms the restaurant’s continued dominance and popularity among food enthusiasts, who seek memorable experience with their most desired cuisines. The new joint will continue to reinforce Wagamama’s philosophy of a “positive eating and positing living” for all.

The ABA Group opens new branches of Crepaway & Wagamama at Ezdan Mall

The Ali Bin Ali Group’s hospitality division is pleased to announce the expansion of two of its star franchises. The popular brands Crepaway and wagamama strengthened their presence in the local market by opening two new branches in Qatar’s Ezdan Mall. Wagamama, the well loved Japansese and Asian restaurant has been a much valued addition to Qatar’s casual dining restaurant scene. The brand has operated under the Ali Bin Ali Group’s umbrella and opened its 2nd branch at the Ezdan mall in December 2014.  Crepaway, the popular Lebanese dining chain is also represented in Qatar by the ABA Group and has risen in popularity over the years. The Crepaway outlet opened its doors at the Ezdan mall in the month of February 2015. Both branches are located at Ezdan Mall’s ground floor. The great food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere at both outlets attract an appreciative clientele.

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