Ali Bin Ali Group unveils permanent ‘Tamim Al Majd’ mural in the Head Office

In a show of solidarity with Qatar and its people, Ali Bin Ali Group has unveiled a signature canvas bearing the iconic ‘Tamim Al Majd’ (Tamim the Glorious) mural at its Head Office.

The initiative is a humble gesture by the Group to express its support for the country and its wise leadership in the light of the ongoing blockade imposed on Qatar.

The signing ceremony, which took place on July 25, was led by ABA Group’s Chairman and President, Mr. Adel Ali bin Ali, and Vice-Chairman & EVP, Mr. Nabeel Ali bin Ali. Also present on the occasion was contemporary Qatari artist Ahmed bin Majed al-Maadheed, who created the now-famous portrait of HH the Emir.

Apart from the top management and staff of Ali Bin Ali Group, who hail from diverse nationalities, members of the local media joined the event to sign on the board and pen messages expressing their support for the nation.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Adel Ali Bin Ali said: “The signature campaign marks a very proud moment for all members of the Ali Bin Ali Group as we celebrate our unity in the midst of this unprecedented blockade against Qatar. Ali Bin Ali Group has been in Qatar since 1945 and is proud of its Qatari heritage. The least we can do is support and show solidarity with our country and its government.”

Elaborating on the idea of the signature board, Mr. Nabeel Ali bin Ali said: “We thought of putting our special touch to the campaign and set up the banner, with the mural and signatures, for permanent display in our office. It is more than just a signature canvas. It is a souvenir for the future generations, a remembrance of the great unity that Qatar and its people have displayed in such hostile times.”

A unique aspect of the signature campaign was the use of ‘glow in the dark’ paints to make hand prints on the canvas. The ‘glow in the dark’ paints will make sure that the hand prints are visible all day and night, signifying support in every condition, at any time.