ABA Travel and Cargo hosts Sports Day 2024

On February 13, 2024 ABA Travel and Cargo organized a thrilling sports day event for its employees at the picturesque Sealine Beach Resort in Qatar. The event saw an impressive turnout of nearly 70 enthusiastic participants who engaged in various games and challenges, fostering team spirit and comradeship. The General Manager of ABA Finance Department, Mr. Ganesh P.K., and the Sales Manager of ABA Travel & Cargo, Mr. Chandana Wijekoon, graced the event.

The sports day featured a range of exciting activities, including a competitive football match, exhilarating race, engaging ‘Picking the Straw’ game, a tensed walking challenge, and an intense basketball match. Participants showcased their skills and sportsmanship throughout the event, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

At the event, Mr. Ganesh expressed his delight at the success of the Sports Day, stating, “It is truly inspiring to see our team come together in the spirit of friendly competition and collaboration. Events like this not only promote physical well-being but also strengthen bonds within the company.”

Mr. Chandana Wijekoon commended ABA Travel and Cargo for organizing such a dynamic and engaging Sports Day. He remarked, “Participating in today’s activities has been a fantastic experience. It is heartening to witness the dedication and enthusiasm of all the participants, and I applaud the company for fostering a culture of teamwork and healthy competition.”

ABA Travel and Cargo’s Sports Day 2024 was a resounding success, bringing together employees, partners, and stakeholders for a day of fun, fitness, and friendly competition. The event not only highlighted the importance of physical activity and sportsmanship but also underscored the company’s commitment to promoting a positive and inclusive work environment.

ABAP gets active: celebrating teamwork and well-being on Qatar’s National Sports Day

Inspired by the spirit of Qatar National Sports Day, Ali Bin Ali and Partners (ABAP) hosted a Sports Day event at Hamilton International School, bringing together 185 employees for a day of fun, fitness, and team building.

The event, held under the leadership of General Manager Ghassan Aibef was a huge success. Featuring various activities designed to encourage participation the event left participants exhilarated and connected. The energy was contagious.

“I am thrilled with the turnout and enthusiasm displayed by our team at the Sports Day. Exercise and sports not only change your body, but also your mind, attitude, and mood. This aligns perfectly with Qatar’s National Sports Day celebrations, which highlight the vital role sports play in shaping individuals and societies.” said Mr. Aibef.

People had a lot of fun playing different sports at the event. Football matches saw teams strategize and execute plays, showcasing their agility and coordination. On the basketball court, players dribbled, passed, and shot with impressive skill. Meanwhile, the tug-of-war displayed raw strength and teamwork as individuals worked together to pull the rope the furthest.

Everyone cheered and laughed as they enjoyed the friendly competition. The event concluded with attendees enjoying a delicious lunch of pre-packaged set boxes, followed by the awarding of the sports winners.

Beyond the scoreboards and cheers, the ABAP Sports Day served as a strong reminder of the importance of a healthy and engaged workforce. It was a day where colleagues pushed each other to their limits and celebrated each other’s victories.

In the spirit of true sportsmanship, ABAP conducted this event to encourage sports as an active lifestyle amongst our employees which actually fosters better teamwork and employee engagement which proved that success is sweeter when shared.

ABA Holding Head Office hosts successful Sports Day 2024

On February 13, 2024, Ali Bin Ali Holding (Head Office Support Function) organized a thrilling sports day event at Al Dana Garden, Sharq Village and Spa in Doha, Qatar to promote sports and wellness. The event, under the theme, “Celebrate Sports, Celebrate Life,” saw a total of 350 attendees, including employees and their family members, come together for a day filled with sports and fun activities.

Welcoming attendees to the event, the Group Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad, stated that the ABA Sports Day was an essential annual event that not only fostered team spirit and camaraderie within the company, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance for the employees.

The sports event featured a variety of games and obstacles designed to cater to guests of all ages and genders. For the adults, games such as the obstacle race, triathlon, and beach volleyball were arranged to challenge them. Each department of the ABA head office was required to submit at least one team for each game, consisting of four members. These games tested participants’ endurance and teamwork skills, providing an exciting and competitive atmosphere. One of the captivating moments of the event was a session of boot camp exercises that explored members’ cardio strength and resilience.

Teenagers enjoyed games like gladiator jostling, zorb ball competitions, relays, and grass surfing, among others. While the little children were entertained with bouncy castles, face painting, and mini-interactive games. In every activity, contestants had the opportunity to win a range of prizes from duty-free vouchers, home appliances, beauty products, to shopping vouchers. All in all, the event was filled with positive energy and provided a great opportunity for a day full of jubilation.

At the conclusion of the sports day event, the long-awaited raffle draw took place, exciting participants as they eagerly awaited the results. The draw was split into two segments: the initial draw which had a variety of awards and the grand raffle that featured a coveted duty-free voucher worth QAR. 3,000.

Sports Day encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and participate in various sports and recreational activities, emphasizing the importance of physical fitness and well-being. Additionally, Sports Day in Qatar showcases the country’s commitment to sports and wellness, highlighting its dedication to promoting a culture of health and fitness. By celebrating Sports Day, Qatar reinforces the values of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship, while also reinforcing its position as a global hub for sports and recreation.

Click the link below to see the videos of the ABA Head Office Sports Day event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijYdDzg7B3A


ABA Holding celebrates Olympic Day with a difference


Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was for the first time in many years that Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Holding was unable to organize an Olympic Day gathering. However, this did not dampen the spirits of the organizers as they planned an interesting twist and arranged for a virtual ABA Olympic Day 2021.

To keep the tradition of sports and fitness alive, the team set up exclusive live online fitness sessions in co-operation with the best instructors in town. Zoom meeting invites were sent out to all ABA staff members along with details about the sessions.

The morning of February 9, 2021 began with a lively Zumba session with Rachel Mitri who is a licensed Zumba instructor and has been teaching Zumba at Sheraton Doha since 2013. This was followed by a more rigorous HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session with Victoria Sipco. A former international level athlete, Victoria made sure that the participants shed some serious sweat. The last and very relaxing session was Yoga with Carla El Ladki. A professional instructor, Carla combined Yoga with dance which made it an inspirational but fun session.

Defeating all odds, ABA Olympic Day 2021 turned out to be a fit and fun experience. ABA staff from different divisions joined in along with their kids and family, making the virtual gathering a perfect celebration for the occasion.

Speaking about the virtual event, the head of the ABA Olympic Day committee Mr. Mohammad Imran said: “ABA Olympic Day is part of our company identity and we did not want the COVID-19 pandemic to destroy that spirit. The virtual gathering and fitness session were the best way to continue the tradition of sports and fitness that ABA so strongly advocates. ABA staff members also welcomed the idea and we were happy to see the number of participants and their enthusiasm. I hope the pandemic ends soon and we can all gather physically to enjoy a bigger and better 2022 Olympic Day”

Ali Bin Ali Group celebrates National Sport Day

The 10th annual Olympic Day hosted by Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Group to mark Qatar’s National Sport Day was attended by more than 3000 employees and their families despite the weather playing spoilsport. The event took place at Al Arabi Sports Club, Doha, on February 14.

The ABA Olympic Day featured a wide range of activities and provided a great opportunity to the employees, who come from various cultural backgrounds and nationalities, to get together and mingle in a relaxed setting.

It also allowed them to learn about the importance of staying healthy through the year and engage in physical activities. There was some kind of activity for all age groups and the staff’s children, in particular, were seen having a great time.

The day’s proceedings began with senior officials of the Group releasing colourful balloons into the air and declaring the event open. This was followed by various sporting activities and games for the employees and their families.

Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, Vice-Chairman and EVP of Ali Bin Ali Group, attended the event and participated in the games. He confirmed his support to the nation’s initiative in promoting a healthy lifestyle among its citizens and residents and said, “We at Ali Bin Ali believe that a healthy body is a home to a healthy mind which increases an individual’s productivity. Sports and exercise should be a part of our daily routine.”

“As our Emiri Decree states, a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged. We have been celebrating the well-being of our employees and their families for the past 10 years by dedicating a whole day to sports and entertainment,” he added.

The head of the Organising Committee, Mr. Mohammad Imran, said they were happy about the turnout and level of participation and hoped that, true to ABA Group’s slogan ‘Together we work, together we play’, the employees had an exciting and fun day.

Recognising ABA Group’s commitment to fitness and sports, Al Arabi Sports Club presented a token of appreciation to the Group. Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali received the prize from the club’s Vice-President, Mr. Jassim Al Kuwari.

The eventful day ended with the distribution of medals, prizes and a raffle draw.