QQP launches ‘Snack Now Win Now’ online raffle campaign

Ali Bin Ali Holding’s FMCG division, Qatar Quality Products (QQP), has launched its first-ever public online raffle draw campaign – ‘Snack Now Win Now’. The raffle will be available for selected Mondelez promotions at all outlets throughout Qatar. The campaign was launched on April 15 and will be on till July 16, 2022. The first set of winners, of 40 individuals, will be picked on May 30, 2022.

Every time a customer purchases biscuits, chocolates, powdered beverages or cheese from the selected Mondelez promotional items, they get a chance to win. Customers will have to scan the QR code sticker on the promotional items, which will lead to the Snack2Win Raffle website for registration. After registering with some basic information, they need to enter coupon details, submit to join the raffle competition and get a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 32GB tablets.

The raffle campaign was planned with a vision to raise awareness about the Mondelez brand by encouraging shoppers to engage with products and have better market penetration. The 3-month-long campaign will surely attract their attention and customers will become familiar with the promotion. Overall, this will positively impact brand recognition and drive product penetration in the Qatar market.

Speaking about the campaign plan, Market Manager of QQP Mohamad Zeeshan said: “The ‘Snack Now Win Now’ raffle activity is the first QQP raffle activity to utilize an online raffle software tool. With in-store activity restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to mitigate the physical raffle draws and make the process digital whereby the ministry can also announce winners digitally. The tool allows raffle draws to be done country-wide, rather than on a store-by-store basis. We hope this initiative will be successful and that we can run many more online events in the future.”


Qatar Quality Products host a joyous celebration on “Bring your kids to work day”

Wednesday the 3rd of November 2021, was a very special day at Qatar Quality Products (QQP). The company was abuzz with activities, fun and laughter with a little bit of learning thrown in. The division organized an exciting and utterly enjoyable “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”, which was a resounding success.

Organized with multiple goals in mind the QQP event brought together colleagues and their families, building closer bonds  while also giving the next generation an opportunity to interact with each other.  Children of QQP’s team, who are most certainly on their way to being future professionals themselves, received a much-appreciated glimpse of their parent’s work place. They also took the time to enjoy and experience ‘a day in the life of their parents’ and received exposure to the experiences of a typical office environment .

Commenting on the event Mr. Nithin J. Bhatia, Senior Division Manager of QQP said, “ We are delighted to have held this amazing celebration and add some color and energy into the lives of our kids. During “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”, the parents enjoyed a role reversal, and played hosts to their young ones! The team at QQP planned a wide variety of activities to keep our young ones engaged and entertained. They also threw in loads of light-hearted interactions and games which increased a sense of happiness while also giving our kids countless opportunities to socialize with other children. Overall we are happy to report that our event was a massive success and we look forward to seeing other divisions of ABA Holding taking on similar ideas as well.”

As further confirmation to the joy spread by this occasion, QQP Team’s children are said to be looking forward to next year’s “Bring your kids to work” celebration.