FMCG Academy holds English Language programme’s Graduation Day 2016

The Ali Bin Ali Groups’s FMCG Academy held its last English Language Unit graduation for this year, covering Intermediate level batch 2 and 3 of 2016, on December 14.  

The event took place in the Training Room of Prime Consumer Products & International Agencies offices in Bin Omran, Doha.

It was attended by 14 participants from Intermediate batch 2 and 3 and members of the Ali Bin Ali FMCG management, including Nabil Mourad, Mohammed Imran, Sampath Balaji, Rajeev E.T., Arun Nadarajah, Holly Robertson, Abey Samuel and Abdulla Ashik, as well as the FMCG Academy team, Rifki ZamZam, and FMCG’s very own teacher, Dr Souhir Benseghir.

The English Language programme is part of the Continued Professional Development initiative of the FMCG Academy, and its sole purpose is to facilitate opportunities for FMCG employees. Enhancements through programmes such as this help equip the staff to take on the challenges of the future, giving Ali Bin Ali a competitive advantage.

This is the third graduation event conducted by the FMCG Academy’s English unit. As of now, there have been six batches in Basic and three at the Intermediate level, totaling 52 participants, of whom 90% have passed.

The programme has been designed, developed and delivered in-house by Dr Benseghir under the leadership of ZamZam.