Monoprix partners with Snoonu to expand delivery services

Snoonu, the fastest growing Qatari tech company, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Monoprix Qatar, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding and premier leading hypermarket chain to enhance and expand supermarket delivery services.

The collaboration between Snoonu and Monoprix aims to provide customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience. This partnership grants Monoprix customers access to Snoonu’s advanced delivery technology, enabling faster and more efficient deliveries of a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, consumer electronics, beauty products, and baby care, directly to their doorsteps.

“We are delighted to partner with Monoprix to bring our cutting-edge delivery technology to their customers,” said Hamad Al hajri, Founder and CEO of Snoonu “By combining our expertise in delivery services with Monoprix’s commitment to quality products, we are confident that this partnership will set a new standard for grocery delivery in the industry.”

“At Monoprix, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Snoonu, leveraging their cutting-edge delivery technology. This collaboration empowers us to deliver an exceptional grocery shopping experience for our valued customers, characterized by unparalleled speed and convenience. In today’s dynamic landscape, we recognize the critical role of efficient and reliable delivery, and this partnership positions us to not only meet, but exceed, the evolving expectations of our customer base.”, said Mr. Sebastian Farhat, COO, Consumer & Hi-Tech Retail, Ali Bin Ali Holding.

Snoonu, the fastest delivery application, will integrate seamlessly with Monoprix, providing customers with a user-friendly interface to browse, select, and purchase their favorite groceries and other non-food items for delivery. This collaboration will not only streamline the ordering process but also ensure timely and reliable delivery of fresh and high-quality products.

As part of the partnership, Snoonu and Monoprix Qatar will also introduce exclusive promotional offers and discounts for customers using the delivery service, further enhancing the value proposition for shoppers.

The Snoonu and Monoprix partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Supermarket delivery services, catering to the increasing demand for convenient and reliable shopping solutions.

Shop More, Earn More: Monoprix Qatar launches M’Loyalty Cashback Program

Monoprix Qatar, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding has set a new standard for customer appreciation in the country with the launch of its cashback reward program – M’ Loyalty.

M’ Loyalty was launched amidst great fanfare on Monday, January 1st, 2024, at the Monoprix Hypermarket in Doha Festival City (DFC) in the presence of Mr. Sébastien Farat, COO Ali Bin Ali Consumer Hi-Tech & Retail, and the entire Monoprix DFC team. Festive decorations covered the whole store, creating a vibrant backdrop for the momentous event.

M’ Loyalty is a digital card accessible through a mobile app. It is available to all Monoprix customers who are 18 years old or older and have a valid local mobile number. Customers can earn cashback every time they spend at any Monoprix or Monop’ store in Qatar, redeemable after a 24-hour period.

M’Loyalty offers a tiered cash back reward system based on the amount spent which is as follows:

  • 1% cash back on purchases up to QAR 99
  • 3% cash back on purchases up to QAR 299
  • 5% cash back on purchases up to and above QAR 300

Cashbacks can be redeemed on everything except the purchase of cigarettes and other tobacco products, gift cards, extended warranty, mobile prepaid cards, subscriptions, and future services.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sebastian Farat said, “The launch of M’Loyalty marks a significant milestone for Monoprix Qatar. Customer loyalty is not merely about accumulating points or redeeming rewards; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging, appreciation, and exclusivity. M’ Loyalty cultivates this connection by creating personalized experiences inside and outside of our stores and we are committed to continuously enhancing the Monoprix experience.”

Monoprix Qatar is renowned for its blend of quality, affordability, and convenience and M’ Loyalty embodies these same principles, adding an extra layer of value and personalization for the hypermarkets’ customers.

Within the M’Loyalty app, customers can effortlessly access their loyalty information, browse promotional offers, explore store locations, discover M restaurants’ menus, and seamlessly track their cash back balance and redemption history. The app additionally provides a scan-and-pay option for a streamlined checkout experience at Monoprix Mshreib.

To join the M’Loyalty program, simply download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Create your account, provide your basic information, and start earning rewards immediately.

Show Your Loyalty, Get Rewarded the Monoprix way!

Art and education collide in a new collaboration between Monoprix Qatar and Muna Al-Bader, Qatar’s Art Ambassador at UNESCO, to support Education Above All

Leading the way in sustainability, Monoprix Qatar, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding has launched a new recycled tote bag, designed by prominent Qatari artist Muna Al Bader to support Education Above All (EAA). 50% of the sales will be donated to EAA, the global non-profit organization that provides education to children in underserved communities.

Muna Al-Bader, a driving force behind Qatar’s thriving art scene is a self-taught multi-talented artist whose paintings are known for their intricate details and vibrant use of blue in a contemporary manner.

The launch event was held on December 05, 2023 at the Monoprix hypermarket in Doha Festival City. Attendees included Mr. Bruno Pedretti, Store Manager, Monoprix Place Vendome, Muna Al-Bader, and people from Education Above All.

“We are incredibly proud of our partnerships with Muna Al-Bader and EAA, which strive to not only uphold Monoprix’s sustainability cause, but also to extend access to quality education for children worldwide, empowering them to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.”, said Mr. Sebastian Farhat, COO, Consumer & Hi-Tech Retail, Ali Bin Ali Holding.

Created by FabricAID, a Lebanese social enterprise focused on collecting and sorting clothing donations for reselling in the MENA region, the Monoprix tote bag is made from 60 percent upcycled material that is fumigated and cleaned. This allows to save on using virgin fabrics by optimizing upcycling of clothing that would have otherwise ended up in landfills causing pollution to the earth.

Monoprix’s association with FabricAID will enable 1,900 individuals in marginalized communities to buy clothes at extremely low prices.

Muna Al-Bader, the artist who designed the bag, said, “This is my first time partnering with a retail brand for my artwork, and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Monoprix Qatar on this meaningful initiative. I believe that art can be a powerful force for good, and I’m honored that my design can help support education for children around the world.”

The Monoprix and Muna Al-Bader recycled tote bag is available now at all Monoprix stores in Qatar. Monoprix’s eco-friendly bag campaigns continue to play a crucial role in supporting various causes, including Qatar Charity and Qatar Cancer Society.

Monoprix Qatar brings joy to Amal Center for Special Needs

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Monoprix Qatar, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding marked International Day of Persons with Disabilities by spreading cheer and supporting the incredible work of the Amal Center for Special Children.

The Center buzzed with activity as Monoprix staff and representatives from the Ministry of Education gathered for a day of fun and purpose.

“Our collaboration with the Amal Center is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of community partnerships. Imagine a world where everyone feels welcome and connected. That’s what we’re creating by nurturing social ties and championing diversity.”, said Mr. Sebastian Farhat, COO, Consumer & Hi-Tech Retail, Ali Bin Ali Holding.

The event began with a series of engaging activities designed to spark the creativity of the students enrolled at the Center. Following the energetic icebreaker, visitors then embarked on a tour of the Center, viewing classrooms and meeting the students firsthand. This provided a glimpse into Amal’s vital mission of providing comprehensive care and education for children with special needs in Qatar.

The event then moved to the conference room, where a presentation highlighted the Amal Center’s remarkable achievements and the results of a survey conducted to gauge the satisfaction level of students’ parents.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ahmad Aleeis, Executive Manager, Aamal Center for Special Needs said, “This International Day of Persons with Disabilities holds a special meaning for our community at Aamal Center. Our society’s unwavering support empowers us to create a world where every child thrives, regardless of their abilities. Together, we break down barriers and build bridges of inclusion, and for that, we are eternally grateful.”

To culminate the day on a sweet note, Monoprix Qatar distributed gift bags to over 100 students. These thoughtfully curated gifts brought smiles to every face. Monoprix Qatar remains firmly committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children with special needs and their families.

Monoprix Qatar and Sheraton Grand Doha Partner to Hosts a Breast Cancer Awareness Session

Doha, Qatar – 23 October 2023 – Monoprix Qatar, a member of Ali Bin Ali Holding in association with Sheraton Grand Doha and West Bay Medicare successfully hosted an inspiring Breast Cancer Awareness event at the elegant Atrium Lounge in Sheraton. The event, which took place on Monday, October 23rd, brought together passionate advocates and supporters of the cause, reinforcing the importance of early detection and supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Dr. Dina from West Bay Medicare, a distinguished gynecologist with 12 years of expertise in the field, took the stage to enlighten the attendees about the critical role of early detection in the battle against breast cancer. Her compelling insights provided invaluable information to all present, emphasizing the significance of regular screenings and self-examinations in saving lives.

At the event, Monoprix, a dedicated supporter of the breast cancer cause, showcased its exclusive campaign to support the Qatar Cancer Society. As part of this initiative, Monoprix sells special pink bags with QAR20 donated for each bag to the Qatar Cancer Society to support their vital work in the fight against breast cancer.

To make the event even more memorable, Sheraton Grand Doha treated the participants to a delightful afternoon tea at the Atrium. Guests enjoyed a selection of delectable treats and refreshing beverages while engaging in meaningful conversations and sharing their experiences.

The event was a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Monoprix, Sheraton Grand Doha, and West Bay Medicare. Together, they raised awareness about breast cancer and encouraged attendees to take proactive steps toward early detection, support patients, and contribute to the ongoing research. The breast cancer awareness event at Atrium is a testament to the power of unity and the impact a community can have when it comes together for a vital cause.

Monoprix Qatar offers educational opportunities to children with special needs

Ali Bin Ali Holding’s Monoprix Qatar organized an educational and interactive field trip for 15 children, aged 5-13, enrolled at Life Skills Hub. Life Skills Hub offers affordable special programs which are created to engage children with special needs. The site visit was conducted to encourage social and occupational growth, so that students are empowered to succeed in various aspects of life.

Monoprix Qatar recently introduced “sensory friendly hours” at its Al Waab location, the first of its kind initiative in Qatar. This provided the perfect background to carry out the vocational training program for sensory sensitive and special needs children in a non-overwhelming environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sebastian, Regional General Manager, Monoprix Qatar, said, “We firmly advocate for an inclusive community and understand the role accessible education plays in leading a fulfilled and productive life. Children with special educational needs often face barriers in terms of learning and social opportunities. We recognize this, and today’s exercise is a step towards creating more harmonious communities.”

The educational tour began with a brief address from Mr. Khalid El Khatouri, Store Manager, Monoprix Qatar Al Waab 2022 followed by a special fun breakfast session where the group enjoyed refreshments. A guided supermarket tour then began at M Pizza, where children learnt how to make pizzas from scratch. The group then moved to the FMCG with Groceries section, followed by a visit to the dairy products and fresh fruit aisles. They also learned about the different types of fruits and vegetables available in the store. The tour ended with a visit to the checkout counter, where the children were able to practice scanning items and paying for their purchases.

Grocery shopping is one of the most basic activities carried out in day-to-day life. Ahead of the field trip, a mock supermarket was created in the Life Skills Hub classroom, where children selected items and paid for them as part of pretend play. Students were also shown visual storyboards and assigned to create a list of grocery items that they would like to purchase at Monoprix Qatar.

“Today was a very important learning lesson for our students. This workshop has provided them with an opportunity to practice a variety of skills such as finding store information, shopping from a list, navigating goods aisles and understanding the checkout process.” Said, Aderonke Dada, children’s instructor at Life Skills Hub.

At the end of the day, the excitement amongst the children was palpable as each child was given a special goody bag containing a soft toy and some healthy snacks – and obviously a new set of life skills!

The children and their parents were very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the field trip. They said that it was a great way to learn about different aspects of the supermarket and to have fun at the same time. Monoprix Qatar is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all customers. The sensory friendly hours is initiative is just one way that the company is working to make its stores more accessible to people with special needs.

Monoprix Inaugurates its 9th store in Qatar at West Walk

In line with its growth strategy, Qatar’s leading hypermarket chain Monoprix, launched its 9th store at West Walk in Al Sidr Street, Al Waab today. West Walk – the city’s newest hot spot combines residential apartments, offices, retail stores, restaurants and a large hotel, making it an ideal location for customers to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience. The new Monoprix hypermarket was opened in the presence of Mr. Sebastian, Regional General Manager, Qatar, various team members and store suppliers.

Monoprix West Walk will be open to customers 24/7. The hypermarket is spread over an area of 1800 sqm. and is fully equipped to cater to a large demographic residing in the neighboring areas. In keeping with its tradition to bring trendy food concept stores to customers worldwide, the new store also houses an authentic French bakery and cheese section, along with dedicated mini concept restaurants such as M Pizza, M Sushi and M Crust & Café. The restaurants also lead to a special terrace area for customers to enjoy refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Like all Monoprix outlets across the city, this branch is well-stocked to offer a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, biscuits, fresh fish and meat, pet food and accessories etc. spoiling customers for choice. The store also continues to maintain Monoprix’s global “good food” concept of providing an exceptional variety of organic, gluten-free, protein, keto, vegan and diet-friendly products which is unmatched in the Qatar market. Mega savings are also available on a wide range of products.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sebastian, Regional General Manager, Qatar said, “Qatar deserves the best, and so we continue to expand in various parts of Doha. Every time we open a new Monoprix, we receive a very positive response from the community in the country. We also have a robust and sustainable expansion plan for the GCC region in the coming years. A year ago, we opened the first Monoprix in Kuwait which was very well received”.

Current Monoprix locations in Qatar are West Bay, Doha Festival City, Medina Centrale at The Pearl-Qatar, Mshreib Downtown Doha, Al Waab 2022, Place Vendome in Lusail including 2 Monop’s in Porto Arabia at The Pearl and in Al Saad.

It is no secret that a unique experience awaits shoppers at Monoprix located in West Walk, as the retailer continues to increase its footprint in the country.

Monoprix Qatar rolls out first-ever sensory-friendly shopping in the country

In a proud endeavor for the entire Group, Ali Bin Ali Holding – Monoprix Qatar has launched ‘Sensory Friendly Hours’ at its Iconic 2022 outlet. This makes Monoprix Qatar the first-ever sensory-friendly hypermarket in the country. The venture, with the slogan ‘Towards a more inclusive community’, was launched on May 14, 2023, in collaboration with Step by Step Centre for Special Needs.

Shopping can be overwhelming for individuals with sensory sensitivities, and Monoprix’s ‘Sensory Hours’ is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our customers.

The sensory hours, every day from 8am to 10am, include dimming store lights, turning off music and announcements over the PA and mitigating cash register noise. Staff are also encouraged to speak more softly and not perform certain tasks, like gathering grocery carts.

On May 22, the ‘Sensory Friendly Hours’ at Monoprix Iconic 2022 was officially launched at a gathering in the presence of parents and children from Step by Step Centre, Regional General Manager of Monoprix Mr. Sébastien Farhat and Director of Step by Step Centre for Special Needs Mrs. Nasreen Sharif.

The session was headed by the Chair of Psychiatry for Sidra Medicine and Chair of Qatar’s National Autism Plan Working Group, Dr. Waqar Muhammad Waqar Azeem, who provided an overview of sensory processing challenges and their impact. He highlighted the importance of sensory-friendly initiatives and encouraged the community for continued support and participation in sensory-friendly initiatives.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Farhat said: “At Monoprix, we want everyone to feel welcome in our stores. Not all needs are visible and small changes can make a big difference to our customers. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment that reflects our commitment to contribute towards creating an inclusive community in Qatar.”

The Step by Step Centre previously trained the enthusiastic Monoprix staff on how to be sensitive in their approach towards customers with sensory difficulties and how to assist them appropriately when required. Reasonable adjustments were suggested and put in place at the hypermarket for the sensory-friendly hours in order to reduce the sensory overload along with the provision of a quiet corner.

Monoprix Qatar’s inclusive shopping venture in partnership with Step by Step Centre for Special Needs is in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 to build a more inclusive society by bringing a positive change and fulfilling our social responsibility.