Ali Bin Ali Group opens first ever Artisan du Chocolat in Qatar

Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Group has once again introduced an international brand to Qatar, this time bringing popular British chocolatier brand Artisan du Chocolat to the country.

The brand celebrated its opening on May 21, 2017 at Mall of Qatar. The outlet is the second of its kind in the Middle East, with the brand already having a popular presence in the Saudi Arabian market.

Present at the opening were Ms. Anne Weyns, co-owner of Artisan du Chocolat; Mr. Philippe Tardieu, General Manager of ABA Group’s Hospitality Division, Ms. Suha G. Shatila, General Manager of ABA Group Marketing; and other ABA and ADC staff members. The Artisan du Chocolat outlet is strategically located near the main gate of Mall of Qatar, giving visitors easy access to its delightful collections.

Speaking at the opening, Mr. Philippe Tardieu said: “We are delighted that we have brought an international favorite like Artisan du Chocolat into the local market and given it a home in Doha.  Qatar’s chocolate lovers will really be inspired by the selections at Artisan du Chocolat. We positioned our outlet at The Mall of Qatar because we wanted a perfect location to launch our entry into the market”.

Mr. Tardieu went on to say that he is confident that the Ali Bin Ali Group’s partnership with Artisan du Chocolate will only strengthen and grow in the future.

Artisan du Chocolat follows a time-honoured tradition of processing chocolate from ground beans, before conching and refining them to form the base of their mouth-watering selections. Among the favorites being served at the newly opened outlet are the pearl range and the signature product being Liquid salted caramels. Celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay had once described Artisan du Chocolat as the ‘Bentley of chocolates’, highlighting its exquisite quality.