Monoprix Qatar Launches “I Love My Monoprix” Campaign

2Monoprix Qatar launched a captivating communications initiative that was set to engage the interest of its growing customer base on 14 February 2016. The major French retail chain, which has marked its presence at Palm Towers in West Bay Qatar since opening its doors in 2013, drew inspiration from its devoted fans to create the “I Love My Monoprix” campaign.

The campaign was built around an integral commitment of Monoprix Qatar to caring for the health and well-being of its customers. Utilizing the full power of a mix of media channels and customer engagement activities, the “I Love My Monoprix” Campaign displayed numerous reasons why customers love the brand.

The “I Love My Monoprix” Campaign was launched by creating a fully engaged in-store experience. Taking the campaign beyond Monoprix’s doors a wide range of touch points located from parking spaces, to walls, doorways all carried branded communication material, thereby spreading the “I love My Monoprix” message far and wide. A special breakfast event was held to strengthen with the media community and local bloggers. The highlight of the event was the in-store display of a shopping cart laden with locks of red hearts. Another noteworthy element was the introduction of a friendly, red heart-shaped “I Love My Monoprix” mascot, that added amusement to the event.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Regional General Manager of Monoprix, Sebastien Farhat said, “Monoprix Qatar has steadily built a reputation by focusing on what our customers want and need, based on their specific preferences with high quality products.”

With 377 stores in France and 75 stores worldwide, Monoprix S.A operates on a highly successful business model across the globe. This major French retail chain is represented in Qatar by the Ali Bin Ali Group.

The “I Love My Monoprix” campaign has also been launched on social media to increase not only its impact but also the possibility of customer interaction.