ABA Forward’s e-HR Partner goes Live!

The ABA Forward HCM system, the e-HR Partner, went live on Sunday (Feb 12) following nearly yearlong preparations and hard work by the ABA Forward team. To mark the occasion, the core HCM team came dressed in the branded Forward T-shirts.

The e-HR Partner, which is one of the biggest internal projects of Ali Bin Ali Group, will empower the business and the people who drive it as well as increase efficiency.

The e-HR partner system was launched on Sunday morning and an email with the e-HR Partner URL has been sent out to all ABA staff members, which also includes their username and initial password. The team has been busy all day, answering all kinds of queries that have started coming in after the big launch.

e-HR Partner is a Human Resources Management system that enables enterprise people management processes. The e-HR partner will integrate information from different applications into one universal database and eliminate the need to re-enter data. It will provide new and enhanced features such as e-Recruitment, eLeave, Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.

For the first two months after the launch of the HCM system, there will be a period of Parallel Run during which ABA Group will measure the performance of the new Oracle HCM system through using the old “Legacy HRMS” as a yardstick.

To make the transition smooth and manage the change, the Forward team has established a Help Desk for the Forward ERP, including HCM, with the support of ABA IT Department. The HR coordinators of all the divisions will mediate between the employees and the Help Desk in order to address any kind of concern or feedback the staff may have.