FORWARD organizes special workshop

It has been more than a year since FORWARD went live and, apart from the four pilot divisions – Head Office, Printing Press, Medical and QQP, the solution has already been rolled out in two other divisions – ABATS and Logistics as well.


With the goal to align various operations of the business in a structured and efficient manner, FORWARD team – along with Intrasoft – conducted an Operational Alignment (OA) Workshop for QQP, Logistics and the higher management. 


The workshop was held between May 6 and 13, covering different business processes every day. 


Inaugurating the workshop, Chief Operating Officer – FMCG Mr. Nabil Mourad said: “Commitment from all quarters is necessary to make this project a success. The FORWARD team is taking all the steps necessary to address the problems but the divisions will also need to be proactive and assist in the process by identifying the issues.”  


Reiterating Mr. Mourad’s thoughts, Project Sponsor Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik said: “Teamwork is the key to finding solutions to any issues that we are having with the system. I am sure this workshop will bridge all the gaps.”


The workshop helped get a better understanding of changes FORWARD has introduced in the QQP and Logistics processes, their impact and the roles and responsibilities of the people concerned as well.


It also got the attendees to collectively brainstorm and discuss proposed solutions, working together to overcome any glitches that may have occurred in the early stages of implementation.


In preparation for the workshop, the FORWARD team, along with Intrasoft, conducted a business study and visited the divisions concerned to understand the situation and gather data. They also travelled to Jordan for a week to get a deeper understanding of the issue as well as plan enhancements.


The OA Workshop shed light on important issues and initiated a positive approach to solving them as a team.

The FORWARD journey continues as ABA Logistics Goes Live with the ERP system

Driving the FORWARD journey ahead, Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Logistics went live with the ERP system on Thursday, April 19, 2018. Operations in the two main sectors of ABA Logistics – financial and purchasing – will now be automated through the FORWARD system. 


Considering ABA Logistics’ importance in the operation of most of our businesses, this Go Live has special significance for the Holding.


The added value that FORWARD will bring about in Logistics involves a shift from a manual process to more structured, accurate and centralized operations. After an intensive series of training sessions and data collection over the last one month, Logistics is ready to embark on this new journey.


In order to celebrate the successful launch of FORWARD in Logistics, a gathering was organized on Thursday at the ABA Logistics head office in the Industrial Area.


Apart from the Logistics team led by General Manager Jon Mayson, present at the event was FORWARD Project sponsor Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik, ABA Group PMO Manager Mr. Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud and other members of the top management.


Opening the event and welcoming all, Mr. Mayson said: “Although the implementation of the FORWARD Project in Logistics has not directly involved the same number of staff as our recent Warehouse Management System (WMS) upgrade, it is still nonetheless a significant transformation project which will streamline our processes and bring improved efficiency to our transactions with internal and external customers.  It has taken a lot of effort to get us to this point and a big thank you must go to the Finance Team who put in many hours to guarantee things went smoothly so far and at the same time ensured all their routine activities were completed as normal.  I am proud that Logistics is once again taking the lead as one of the first Divisions to take on this transformation challenge.  This is only the start however, no doubt there will be further difficult challenges before we complete our journey but I’m certain as a Team we can get there.”



Mr. Ebrik thanked the management of Logistics and said; “Even a month ago, we had debates and concerns about Logistics being the second division of the rollout. However, the project team and I gave our commitment that we should move forward because the scope is a lot smaller than previous other divisions. We succeeded in convincing them and the Logistics team that worked on the project proved that they were ready to Go Live on the Financial part. Once you start using the system, you might find some roadblocks, but I am sure that the FORWARD team along with your positive assistance will ensure the success of the project in Logistics.”


The event was also a perfect stage for handing over certificates of appreciation to the heroes at Logistics who went that extra mile to confirm the successful implementation of the system. Mosharraf H. Mridha, Suresh Nagarajah and Md. Mahmud Khan received the certificates from Mr. Mayson.


To add a fun element to the gathering, a small game was organized for the Logistics team working on the FORWARD Project. Mr. Mayson drove a forklift to bring in some cartons and the team had to organize and assemble these cartons to create the FORWARD and ABA Holding logo. It was a perfect initiation and enthusiastic flag-off for the Logistics new journey.


Another milestone achieved, QQP Goes Live with FORWARD ERP application

Ali Bin Ali Group’s FORWARD project is moving ahead with confident strides. After completing the intense transformation period, when all business operations in QQP were shut down, the application successfully went live at the QQP division on December 4, 2017. 


Proper planning complemented by team spirit and dedication enabled the QQP staff to take total control of the transition warzone. All staff members of QQP, led by General Manger Mr. Dany Aoun, showed unquestionable resolve and worked for extra hours – and even on the weekend – to cut down the operational down time to 3 days from the initially planned 5 days. 


This was indeed a great achievement for Team QQP, as finishing two days before schedule allowed the division to save a lot of value in the market. Well done, Team QQP!


In the presence of Project Executive Sponsor/ COO ICT Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik, QQP staff – including Mr. Dany – and the FORWARD team gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion. The Go Live poster was revealed and Mr. Dany made the first ever transaction on the FORWARD system. 


Speaking about the Go Live, Mr. Dany said: “This was achieved only because of the dedication of the entire team. The QQP staff provided accurate data for entry, which made the process smooth. I had complete faith in my team and knew we would succeed, and I am really proud that we could finish it before schedule on December 4 instead of December 6.”


While all the team members had put in their best efforts to make the transition successful, two heroes stood out. Accounts & Commercial Manager of QQP N.C. Shekar and Senior System Analyst Osama Abdul Rahman Hamad were awarded a token of appreciation for their outstanding performance throughout QQP’s journey to transform the future.


QQP is the first from the Ali Bin Ali Group FMCG division to implement the new application, thereby being a pioneer for rest of the FMCG family. With QQP Going Live in its first phase, we marked the 4th and last pilot site of the FORWARD implementation.

QQP starts to transform its future with FORWARD

November 29, 2017 was an important day in the calendar of all Qatar Quality Product (QQP) division staff members as they embarked on a vital journey with the transition to the ERP FORWARD system. In view of the mammoth transformation the division is undergoing, the QQP FORWARD implementation process comes with the slogan ‘Transform The Future Today!’


The ERP transition phase for QQP is unique as, for the first time in the history of Ali Bin Ali Group, all business transactions in the division have been shut down for a few days to facilitate the transformation process. The system will Go Live in the first week of December.


A gathering was organized at the head office to flag off the journey and the occasion was graced by the presence of the Vice-Chairman & EVP of Ali Bin Ali Group, Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali. 


Also present at the event was the top management of Ali Bin Ali Group, including Chief Operating Officer – FMCG Mr. Nabil Mourad, Executive Sponsor for the FORWARD Project and Chief Operating Officer – ICT Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik and General Manager of QQP Mr. Dany Aoun.


Expressing his support for the ERP project, Mr. Nabeel said: “We have embarked on a very critical and intense journey and once completed, FORWARD will transform the Group forever. We have to continue the trend of successful ERP implementation in each and every division. There is no looking back. I am proud of our achievements so far and am confident about successfully implementing the ERP system for the entire Ali Bin Ali Group”. 


Thanking Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali for his continuous support for the project, both Mr. Mourad and Mr. Ebrik stressed the fact that there is no going back and everything has to be right. They also expressed confidence in the commitment of the staff and said the ‘ERP automation would take the organization into a new arena’.


Group Chief Financial Officer Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad took this opportunity to thank the Finance team for their efforts and highlighted how these efforts will benefit the ABA Group and its operations.


Shedding light on QQP’s transition plan, FORWARD Project Managers – ABA’s Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud and Intrasoft’s Amer Dakhqan – explained to the QQP staff the timeline and Go Live activities. The session drew to a close with the inauguration of the Go Live countdown calendar by Mr. Dany. He applauded the efforts of the QQP staff and revitalized them with his encouraging words.


We wish the QQP staff all the best for their transition journey.

Launch of Accounts Payable Shared Services in FMCG

On 15th February 2015 The Ali Bin Ali Group’s FMCG division organised an event at the Finance Shared Services office at D’ring Road in Nuaija.

Building on a successful journey and four years of learning and experience in the ABA Finance Shared Services function, ABA Group CFO Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed announced the opening of AP Shared Services in FMCG commencing from 15th February, 2015. It was learnt at the gathering that a dedicated task force team led by Mr. Jeyaprakash Velu under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Sampath Balaji spent almost 10 months in planning, preparing and carrying out the ground work right from the process definition upto drafting SLA’s for a seamless migration including alignment of the respective stake holders and consulting with overseas Shared Services Expert.

It was also announced that Mr. Sukanta Chakrabarty, Team Leader of AR Shared Services Team, after successfully launching the ARSS will move on to the new role of leading the APSS team.

Present at the event were ABA Group’s CFO, GM(F)FMCG, Finance Managers FMCG, Key finance team members and Shared Services Members.

Addressing those gathered, ABA Group’s CFO said “This is only the beginning and I expect more divisions to join the shared services umbrella in coming months and years. As has been the case with ARSS, I am confident that the cost of managing the shared services will significantly come down with time due to scale effect. More importantly, this will relieve managers to spend more quality time on strategic and business critical issues. Also this will be of significant step forward for us for the implementation of new ERP system in ABA.”