Dohatna Logistics Park celebrates Qatar Sports Day with triumph and teamwork

In an enthusiastic celebration of National Sports Day 2024, Ali Bin Ali Holding’s Real Estate Division hosted a vibrant sports day for Dohatna Logistics Park (DLP) residents on February 13, 2024.

Over 250 participants, alongside 200 cheering supporters, engaged in a spirited competition featuring cricket, basketball, volleyball, tug-of-war, and arm wrestling. The event fostered a sense of community and camaraderie.

The day witnessed several nail-biting matches, showcasing exceptional talent and a healthy dose of rivalry between divisions, companies, and nationalities. “Monoprix O-Five Team B” emerged victorious in basketball, while “Logistics Team B” reigned supreme in volleyball. “Logistics Distribution Team” clinched the cricket championship, and the “Logistics Team” dominated the tug-of-war challenge. Amos Mabiria Nyambati emerged as the arm-wrestling champion, adding another layer of excitement to the day.

The event was perfectly coordinated by Henry George, DLP Accommodation Manager, with invaluable support from the Real Estate team who donned the hats of umpires, referees, and coordinators. Security and housekeeping teams also played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and successful event.

Following a morning filled with energetic competition, a grand ceremony was held in the main hall. Mrs. Evelyne de Croutte, General Manager, Ali Bin Ali Holding Real Estate, presented trophies and gifts to the winners, acknowledging the contributions of sponsors ABA Beverages and FMCG.

“Qatar National Sports Day embodies the importance of physical well-being and teamwork, values we embrace wholeheartedly at ABA Real Estate. We were delighted to see our team members participate with such enthusiasm, supporting each other and demonstrating the power of collaboration. Sports are a fantastic way to build a strong, dynamic company culture.”, said Mrs. Evelyne de Croutte, General Manager, Ali Bin Ali Holding Real Estate.

The overwhelming success of the event has set the stage for even bigger plans in 2025. Inspired by the high level of resident interest, organizers are planning a lead-up to the next National Sports Day, culminating in thrilling semi-final and final matches on the main event day. This enhanced format promises to provide even more residents with the opportunity to participate, solidifying the event as a cornerstone of the DLP calendar.

Ali Bin Ali Medical unveils new storage facility at DLP

As part of its efforts to expand and provide quality healthcare products to businesses and residents of the State of Qatar, Ali Bin Ali Medical formally launched its new storage facility for medicines and medical supplies at the Dohatna Logistics Park (DLP) in Doha on October 31, 2022.

The memorable opening was attended by various heads of Ali Bin Ali divisions, including the General Manager of ABA Medical, Mr. Monzer Abdel Samad; General Manager of ABA IT, Mr. Youssef C. Moussa; Head of Supply Chain & Logistics-FMCG, Mr. Vincent Emmanuel; and Group Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Imad Hashim.

During the event, guests were taken through the storage facility, and shown the inventory procedures and regulations the facility adheres to as per the Qatar and international healthcare standards.

Sharing his thoughts about the 1,200sqm warehouse, Mr. Monzer credited the ABA IT division for supporting the facility by introducing the automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) which has modernized ABA Medical’s operations specifically in stock accuracy and optimizing lead time from stock receiving to order picking. He acknowledged the efforts of the Ministry of Health for supporting this milestone project as a campaign to meet the country’s need for quality service and capacity. “Ali Bin Ali Medical meets all the conditions and requirements stipulated for holding such a facility including government licenses and safety procedures,” he added.

To celebrate the moment, ABA Medical issued certificates of appreciation to its dedicated team of personnel that have ensured steady progress of the entity. A cake was also cut to commemorate the launch.

Dohatna Logistics Park (DLP), founded by Ali Bin Ali Holding, is an ideal storage space for ABA Medical as it provides high quality warehouse facilities and world class logistics services. The new warehouse is set to eliminate any shortage of medical supplies in the State of Qatar, increase storage of medical equipment for Ali Bin Ali and its clientele, streamline distribution, and increase profits.