ABA Holding commemorates 2023 World Blood Donor Day through a blood drive

To honor World Blood Donor Day, Ali Bin Ali Holding in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), organized a two-week blood donation drive under the theme, “Blood Connects Us All,” from 20-26 June and 18-19 July 2023.

The event, mobilized ABA employees from across selected ABA divisions (Head Office, 21 High st, ABA Beverages, Dohatna Logistics Park, IA-PCP, and Printing Press), to support Qatar’s efforts in blood collection. The blood, usually charitable, is used to maintain Qatar’s general supply or in response to an emergency.

During the drive, donors adhered to a set of guidelines provided by HMC which included checking their vitals, medical history, and allergies among others. The process was pain-free, safe and done in an easy and professional manner. Each member was also given a food package to replenish their energy levels after the donation. The campaign, which is part of ABA’s social responsibility to the community, also provided an opportunity for team members to interact, and foster a sense of togetherness.

Participating in the blood donation, the Group Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Imad Hashim, was overwhelmed by the turnout of staff to support the course. “By donating blood you can give another person a chance to live. Ali Bin Ali Holding staff have always come forward with generosity for all social causes and I am very delighted since the rewards of donating blood truly exceed the drawbacks,” he noted.

World Blood Donor Day is a global awareness program that seeks to promote awareness about the importance of donating blood. Every 2 seconds a person is in need of blood. Research data has confirmed that donors can save 3 lives by donating a single pint of blood, which is equivalent to 450 ml.

ABA Holding thanks HMC for its support in collecting blood and providing the necessary material for the process. ABA Holding is proud to contribute to Qatar’s vision of providing quality lifesaving blood products and services in transfusion for patients in the country, while preserving the nation’s systems of life essentials in blood and plasma.

Ali Bin Ali Group Employees Participate in a Generous Blood Drive


Ali Bin Ali Group, one of the leading conglomerates in Qatar and the region, was proud to have added to their corporate social responsibility initiatives by giving the opportunity for all employees of the Group to participate in a specially organized Blood Donation Day. The drive was held at the ABA head office on 30 March, 2016, from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m.

“We are very happy with the turn out at the event, as we had more donors registered than we expected. If I were to rate this event on a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 4.5,” said Mohammed Reza, Staff Nurse at the Blood Donors Center.

The Ali Bin Ali Group was very satisfied with employee participation. The participation was not only from staff of all grades at the head office, but it also drew donors from other ABA divisions. Their whole-hearted engagement symbolized their support for this noble cause.

For some employees, it was their 16th time to donate blood, while for others it was a first. The first timers took the call to contribute to the Group’s corporate social responsibility efforts seriously and to heart. Evidently, employees were ready to register for blood donation before the event even started. As one of the employees offered their thoughts saying, “Donating blood is a humanitarian act and should definitely be encouraged. We should support others in the community.”

Among the donors was Jills Daniel, Senior Division Manager of Health Care Solutions, Ali Bin Ali Medical. He was not only passionate to advocate for blood donation, but he is also an organ donor. He emphasized that donating blood is the least someone can do. “If my family were in need of blood tomorrow, I would thank those who have donated blood today. You never know, your loved ones can be the ones who will need donations.”

Research has shown that every 2 seconds someone is in need of blood. Statistics have also proven that donors can save 3 lives by just donating 1 pint of blood, which amounts to 450 ml. Thus, donors are always in constant demand in Qatar and all around the world.

Ali Bin Ali Group was pleased to have contributed to the critical care of the recipients of the blood donations, such as the patients with cancer, victims of accidents, and patients undergoing surgery in all local hospitals in Qatar.