International Agencies – Consumer Agencies earns recognition for top sales performance in lower Gulf region

International Agencies – Consumer Agencies (IA-CA), a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding’s FMCG division, and a leading distributor in the Gulf Region, has been recognized by Heinz for its outstanding achievements in 2023.

The company secured the highest recorded sales in its partnership history with Heinz, solidifying its position as a key player in the regional market.

The ceremony was held at Ali Bin Ali Tower on February 06, 2024, and included key figures like Mr. Wadih Kazan, ABA FMCG Chief Operating Officer, the newly appointed Mr. Deborshi Sarkar, Sales Director Heinz for Gulf and Exports, Mr. Mustafa Sarikaya, Commercial Director, Mr. Rashad Sultan, Business Development Manager, Mr. Selim El Hachem, Senior Division Manager, and Mr. Nassif Kanazeh.

“This remarkable accomplishment signifies the strong collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment between both teams. We are excited to build upon this success and continue delivering exceptional value to our partners and customers.” said Mr. Wadih Kazan, Chief Operating Officer, ABA FMCG.

This achievement comes after FIFA World Cup 2022, further emphasizing the resilience and adaptability of the IA-CA team. They successfully navigated a unique market environment while fostering a strong partnership with Heinz.

Looking ahead, IA-CA remains committed to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value to its partners and customers across the Gulf Region.