ABA Finance hosts a thrilling get together

Once again, ABA Finance Department outdid itself by hosting another exhilarating event. On February 23, 2024, the Finance Department hosted a “Get Together” event at Sealine Resort, bringing together over five hundred participants, including employees and their families. The one-day event was a celebration of unity and friendship among employees from all finance departments across the 18 business streams of ABA Holding. It was also a moment for the department to unwind and reflect on its performance and achievement.

From the onset, the venue set the mood for what was to be a fun-filled day. The therapeutic venue overlooking the sea coupled with background acoustics and great service from the hotel, created the best mode for entertaining attendees.

To kick-off the event, the Group Chief Financial Officer of the Holding, Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad, emphasized the importance of the get together. He stated, “The Finance Get Together is a tradition that brings us closer as a team and strengthens our bond across departments. It is a testament to the unity and dedication of our finance professionals in contributing to the success of Ali Bin Ali Holding.”

The event featured activities such as Finance Got Talent, where employees showcased their talents in various forms such as poetry, music, and dancing. An obstacle race tested the contenders’ skills, while a captivating kids’ play area kept the children entertained with bouncy castles, face painting, and kids’ challenges. Other engaging activities included: puzzle challenge, castle building, grass surfing and tug of war. Special recognition also went to the best performing and long serving employees within the department.

Throughout the day, participants enjoyed raffle draws that tested their luck and prospects of winning variety of exciting prizes. Members were also treated to an enchanted performance by a master illusionist who showcased his stage magic and close-up tricks that were seemingly impossible.

From invitation to the actual event, the get together had promised an unforgettable experience and it delivered just that. The event concluded with a delicious and sumptuous meal with varieties for all attendees, who also received hampers courtesy of the ABA Finance Department.

The Finance Get Together not only provided a platform for employees to showcase their talents and bond with colleagues but also highlighted the value of unity and teamwork within the Holding. It served as a reminder of the collective efforts that drive the success of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

Click the link to watch the video event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ORmfsiQubU