June 2, 2018

Stabilizing QQP’s work process, FORWARD all set to roll out in other FMCG divisions

Implementing the ERP solution in a conglomerate such as Ali Bin Ali Group is a mammoth challenge and the ABA FORWARD team, along with Intrasoft, is leaving no stone unturned to make this transition foolproof and smooth.


The recent workshop to align all QQP processes in a stabilized and efficient manner was part of this effort and the outcome was highly positive. 


The workshop highlighted different topics in detail, which created an opportunity for open discussion about any previous issues. With the workshop proving effective, the QQP team is now more confident and comfortable with the processes of the new system than ever before.


General Manger of QQP, Mr. Dany Aoun, and his team have liked the approach and confirmed improvements in running their day-to-day business operations with no major issues in using the system. 


Mr. Aoun said, “This workshop was very necessary for our division and it has been very helpful. Our team has worked with FORWARD and Intrasoft to identify and resolve most of the issues and we can definitely see the effect on our everyday work.”


Following the workshop, major progress has been seen in the business process of the QQP division and they were able to close accounts for 2017 as well as the initial months of 2018 as a result of the stabilization phase. 


The workshop also helped identify some action points and the teams concerned are working together on executing them until the end of the stabilization period. 


The commitment and hard work that the team has shown during this entire process is commendable, which has led to fruitful results. The continuous support of Chief Operating Officer – FMCG Mr. Nabil Mourad and Project Sponsor Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik during the QQP stabilization period encouraged the team to remain committed to nothing but success.


With QQP gradually reaching the finish line of their stabilization period, the FORWARD team is now ready to prepare for rollout in the rest of the FMCG divisions.