October 19, 2014

Oracle E-Bus ERP Project Initiation Presentation

ABA ARP (46)1As the next step of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project implementation, a presentation on Oracle E-Bus ERP Project Initiation was conducted by the COO of Intrasoft to the senior management of the Ali Bin Ali Group.


The event took place at the Marriot Hotel on 19th October 2014 with over 200 participants from the top, senior and divisional level management of the Group. A welcome speech was given by Mr. Mohamad AlEbrik, COO – ICT of the Ali Bin Ali Group which was followed by the Intrasoft COO’s presentation.


During the presentation, the Intrasoft COO took us through the project overview, solution overview and the project organization structure.


The forum came to a conclusion after the discussion of the points brought forward on the Oracle E-Business ERP project, which made it clear about the importance of the ownership and commitment that would ensure the successful implementation of the project.