August 7, 2018

Joining the flight, ABA Travel Division Goes Live with FORWARD application

Adding another business division to its portfolio, Ali Bin Ali Holding’s FORWARD project went Live at ABA Travels on August 5, 2018. 


With preparations continuing since the month of May, team members from the division and FORWARD PMO left no stone unturned to guarantee a smooth transition to the new system.


Though it is the Finance and Procurement teams that are primarily involved in the project, there was complete support from departments within the division. It was a hectic journey but the very young Finance team of ABA Travels took up the challenge and wheeled through with confidence.


It was the hard work and dedication of Azhar Baksh, Parag Karki, Arjun Marasini, Midhun Puthiyaparambil Jose, Mohamed Hadj Khalifa, Floriefel Canda, Jenny Veloria Sumang and Khurshid Alam combined with support from the FORWARD PMO that made the Go Live a success.


FORWARD has not just replaced the financial system for the travel division, but will also play a vital role in enhancing the functionality of e-travel. It will significantly add value to the finance and procurement processes.


Azhar Baksh, who is leading the project in the division, said: “I am proud of my team. Each one of them gave their best to make the transition process flawless. They underwent training and workshops, collected reports and prepared data to minimize the chance of any problem after the Go Live”.


Congratulations to the great team, keep up the good work!