March 19, 2018

e-HR Partner rolls out Performance Management System for ABA staff

The FORWARD Team is consistently reaching new milestones taking Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Group to the next level of efficiency, making us more modern, centralized and accurate. 


Expanding the capabilities of the already functional e-HR Partner, and making a significant enhancement to the system, the Group HR Department stepped up its game by introducing Performance Management (PM) for ABA staff.


With the successful completion of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) for the PM on the HCM, the system went live on March 18, 2018.


This particular addition is of high value to employees at all levels as it introduces a more effective, meticulous and fair structure for evaluating and rewarding ABA employees. With the rollout of the Performance Management system, as the age old saying goes “Anything that is measured, definitely IMPROVES”, there will surely be improvement of performance and productivity among the workforce.


Currently the initial scope is focused on bonus eligible employees, starting with the year 2017. However once the system is stabilized the scope would be expanded to the entire 4000+ ABA family, which would then encompass the commission and overtime eligible employees as well.


According to Senior Manager of HR Services and Expertise Ajay Daniel John, “…going forward, the PM system will form the cornerstone of all decisions pertaining to salary increases, promotions and other career decisions.”


This achievement would not have been possible without the people working behind the scenes. The HR core team, otherwise known as ‘subject matter experts’ (SMEs) spent long working hours gaining knowledge about the system and its functionality. The team travelled to Jordan for four days and received intensive training from Intrasoft. 


On their return, FTL Ajay Daniel John, HR-Super User Ahmed Farouk and the SMEs – Ahmed Salmaan, Eleni Ntoulaveri and Bob Mathews – shared their expertise with the HR Business Partners and 25 division nominated ‘Project Champions’ from across ABA, so that they can cascade this knowledge further and assist the end-users after the system’s Go Live. 


Over the coming few weeks, this team of ‘Project Champions’ will aim to share their knowledge and train the targeted employee group on how to plug in their objectives for the year 2017, as well as conduct appraisals for the same, to kick start the first phase of Performance Management roll-out.


Great job guys for your immeasurable commitment and hard work!