Our workforce represents the richness and diversity from across the globe and all walks of life. While we all may come from different parts of the world and various backgrounds, there’s a strong common denominator that binds the people of Ali Bin Ali: the pride of being part of a great organization.

Ongoing Creative Retention Programme

We are constantly discovering and putting in place creative retention programs to keep our best talent on board. The Management and Group HR function focuses heavily on retention issues as employee turnover analysis is gathered frequently.

Tools to do the Job

We ensure that our people have the tools they need to do their job, whether that is access to necessary information or the technology.

Employee Engagement

At Ali Bin Ali Group, we not only focus on business performance, but also on overall employee satisfaction. As a matter of fact we prefer the word ‘work partner’ to employee when it comes to our staff. Frequent Engagement Surveys based on the universal Engagement drivers are conducted and the results are seriously analyzed for action. This focus is supported in two ways: developing individual competencies and building a productive work environment.


We foster a culture where our people feel appreciated for good performances. As a group we constantly seek out and reward high performers, while creating a healthy environment for everyone to perform and achieve their goals. Recognition comes in all forms whether through a simple thank you or formally through our recognition and award programs.

Work-Life Balance

We know that work is only one aspect of everyone’s life. That’s why we are dedicated to giving team members the time and flexibility to create a great work-life balance.

Learning & Development

We are committed to the continuous learning and professional development of our work partners to ensure that they enrich their skills and take advantage of career opportunities. Ali Bin Ali Group is Qatar’s first organization to partner with the Institute of Leadership & Management – UK. Ali Bin Ali Group values long-term employment relationships. Consequently, we first look to our current pool of people when positions become available.

Sharing Success

When the organization is successful, our people share in this success. Our compensation, benefits and incentive schemes constantly evolve to better meet individual needs.