Business Streams

Sales and distribution of high quality consumer goods are at the core of Ali Bin Ali Holding’s activities. The Group provides principals with comprehensive strategies and services, tailor-made to suit each brand’s requirements that deliver superior results.

The Ali Bin Ali Holding operates multiple independent business divisions that focus on the successful sales and distribution of consumer brands by molding work practices to principal’s standards and building long term relationships.

Each division represents an extensive range of major international brands and products, each supported by dedicated sales teams. Each division seeks to cater to all customer segments of Qatar’s diverse and multi-ethnic population through further diversification and in recognition of global FMCG trends.

The Group’s highly trained and experienced staff form one of the largest, most efficient and effective sales forces in the country, supported by the Group’s extensive logistics department for the importation, storage and distribution of products.

The Ali Bin Ali Group builds brands together with each principal, developing and implementing programs to create, stimulate and maintain brand image, market awareness and sales. The Ali Bin Ali Group’s domination of Qatar’s FMCG market, together with its continued vertical and horizontal growth is testament to the Group’s capabilities, determination and high standards in a highly competitive marketplace.

Since its inception in 1965, Ali Bin Ali & Partners have created a solid reputation that is synonymous with strong partnerships with the world’s most iconic brands in the FMCG industry. The division house a large and versatile international collection of fast moving consumer goods spread across multiple industries.

As a fast growing company in Qatar, Ali Bin Ali & Partners manages and operates diverse product brands ranging from food, cleaning, oral care, personal care, tobacco and others.

Ali Bin Ali & Partners operates internally with 4 unique and specialized areas of focus:

  • Food Services Division
  • Consumer Agencies
  • Tobacco
  • Promo Division

We have adopted a unique structure in sales, supply chain, marketing and back office operation, possessing an unbeatable market coverage and uses superior execution methods to ensure that the brands are taken to the next level in the market.

Prime Consumer Products is the FMCG division of Ali Bin Ali Holding is the exclusive distributor of Procter and Gamble products in the state of Qatar.

This trading relationship commenced in the mid-1970s starting with a small range of P&G products. Today, we have continued to grow, through expansion, to include products from all the P&G categories such as paper, hair care, fabric and home care in addition to beauty and health care.

As the name suggests, Qatar Quality Products (QQP) prides itself on representing only high-end premium products catering to consumers who appreciate the premium high-end segment of the product market. Formed in 1994, QQP has successfully introduced a variety of consumer products from a range of leading principals into the local market.

The contributing factors to our division’s ongoing success and award winning market share results include the support from state of the art logistics, supply chain management, and an effective sales and marketing approach. We take pride in the QQP philosophy, which is based on premium customer service to our partners and principals.

International Agencies (IA) is dedicated to the distribution of high quality consumer goods, offering its partners a turnkey service for sales and distribution management. When it comes to innovation, comprehensive knowledge of customer needs and consumer shopping habits has placed IA at an advantageous position. Consequently, IA has successfully maintained its competitive edge in an ever-changing market place.

In addition to fostering long-term relationships with its customers and retailers with a focus toward delivering results, our success can be attributed to an effective operating structure focused on each of our core businesses.

IA is split into 3 operating divisions; each with its own dedicated sales team and field management support structure.

The three stand-alone units consist of:

  • British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • Mars Inc.
  • Consumer Agency