Diversifying its business activities and opening a floodgate of growth, Ali Bin Ali Logistics inaugurated the Dohatna Logistics Park in Umm Shaharaine 1, Umm Salal. The latest hi-tech warehousing project is part of the drive to stimulate more economic and commercial activities in the State of Qatar and help achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030 objectives.

Umm Shaharaine 1 has a total area of 499,181sqm, with a 25,928sqm dry warehouse, 71,560sqm A/C warehouse, 4,309sqm chilled warehouse, 2,873sqm frozen warehouse, 3,019sqm chemical warehouse, 1,551sqm worth of space for retail outlets, 524sqm for office space and a 16,765sqm area for accommodation.

Besides, the facility has a workshop for car repair, a sewage treatment plant, an open yard for storing containers and a pond.

Dohatna Logistics Park, developed and managed by ABA Logistics, is used for the division’s operations and also for warehouse contracting. Tenants renting the facility are also offered the other services of ABA Logistics – fleet & transport and other paid services.