November 2, 2021

Ali Bin Ali Medical launches a new initiative for Knowledge Sharing & Employee Competence

We are delighted to announce that ABA Medical has just concluded an extremely successful initiative undertaken and concluded under the continual development efforts of the company. The initiative was well supported by the Group’s HR department. The programme was aimed at developing the capacities and skills of our staff through a valuable exchange, in an informal setting and it is built around the concept of promoting knowledge sharing across divisions & elevating the competences of our people.

The HR team planned, prepared, arranged and perfectly executed this two day programme which upheld these stated goals. To accomplish this an Assessment Centre was set up with a range of activities including presentations, and case studies to enhance collaboration and communication and transfer success models among the different divisions, industries and sectors.

Commenting on the effort, General Manager of ABA Medical Mr. Monzer Abdel Samad said, “We are delighted that the Assessment Centre we pioneered was a resounding success. I was glad to see that the 2 day programme included several case studies, some of which were presented by each manager and others that were presented as a group workshop. The results of these presentations were highly motivational and inspired collaboration. The Centre also assessed participants based on a range of competencies including Planning, Communication, Innovation and Creativity, Problem Solving, Working with Others Managing Self, Leadership Skills, Learning, Behaviour Ethically, Decision Making, Charts the Future, Talent Manager, ABA culture and Value Ambassador, Drives for Results & Executes with Excellence. These competencies are extremely valuable to the ABA Group and we are glad that ABA Medical had led the way in this effort”.

The Assessment Centre had a jury panel which included Mr. Adnan Suleiman; General Manager – Finance, Nitin Bhatia; Senior Division Manager, QQP, Sabine Winner Neuhaus; HR Manager & Monzer Abdel Samad; General Manager, ABAM. Additionally, there were two observers from the HR Department – Eleni Ntoulaveri; Group Learning & Development Manager, Basem El Sid; Human Resources Business Partner. All the members received a trophy from Mr. Samad as an appreciation for devoting their time, efforts and input.

This ABA Medical initiative received excellent feedback from the participants who valued the experience and opportunity to be part of it, while also appreciating the chance given to them to foster a spirit of friendly competitiveness within the company. The conducting of this Assessment Center will continue at ABA Medical with different exercises and different nominees to ensure that the right person is in the right place within the company in order to facilitate shared success for the organization as well as the employee.