October 26, 2023

Ali Bin Ali Holding’s HR Takes Giant Leap Forward with Launch of Path to Success and Succeed with Us

A More Simple, Efficient & Centralized Hiring and Onboarding Process

 BEFORE October 15th is not the same as AFTER October 15th, proudly proclaims Ali Bin Ali Holding’s Human Resources Department.

Leading the charge towards automation, ABA Holding’s HR Department effectively launched Path to Success and Succeed with Us, an innovative and user-friendly digital Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Talent Onboarding Solution.

To further reflect Ali Bin Ali’s commitment to digitization, the success systems were launched to core ABA leadership on October 15th at 3:00 pm via an online Teams session led by Mr. Aldrine Fernandez, General Manager, Human Resources and Administration. Adding an element of mystery surrounding the success systems, a teaser campaign was rolled out, generating a lot of excitement and speculation among Ali Bin Ali’s employees.

“With the FORWARD initiative, we were among the first departments to go live with the entire ERP system, including HCM and Oracle Financials. Since then, our focus has been on optimizing the HCM system and improving our internal processes. We have also evaluated how we can not only utilize the core services of the system, but also leverage it to add value to the organization and our employees.”, said, Mr. Aldrine.

Introduced with a vision to build on the Holding’s existing digital capabilities, the new success systems streamline the journey from hiring to onboarding by automating manual processes, optimizing current processes, providing real-time insights into the hiring cycle, and enhancing collaboration and productivity. The Success Systems are a product of Bayt and are specifically designed to address the complexities of visa management in the Middle East and Qatar.

Starting now, all job seekers will use Path to Success (ATS) to apply to ABA Holding. The system tracks applicants as they move through the hiring stages, generating approval requests to managers with a few clicks, ensuring a stellar experience for new hires.

Once an applicant is hired, their basic information and documentation will automatically be transferred to the Succeed with Us onboarding platform. Succeed with Us is a central source for all onboarding tasks, documents, data and approval communications. It guarantees that sensitive employee data can be accessed only authorized personnel.

In phase 2 of the success systems implementation, Succeed with Us will be integrated with Ali Bin Ali’s other HCM software, resulting in the digitization of 5000 employee records.

“Hiring and Onboarding is now a system driven process and not person dependent. Prior to the launch of the success portals, the entire workflow was time-consuming and fragmented. There was also lack of transparency into the status of applications and onboarding tasks. We also identified a significant amount of duplication and redundancy in the entire process”, added Mr. Ajay Daniel John, Senior HR Manager, People Operations.

Ali Bin Ali Holding’s HR department is proud to be at the forefront of embracing technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.