July 14, 2014

ABATS successfully implements record tracking system for Qatar Public Prosecution

ABA Group LogosAli Bin Ali Technology Solutions (ABATS), has announced the successful implementation of the first ever RFID records/File Tracking System at The Qatar Public Prosecution.


ABATS was the partner of choice for implementing the network of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) devices providing real-time tracking and control at the floor level, public counters, hallways and exits in the fourteen floor building of Qatar Public Prosecution.


A special tag is attached to all the files found at the QPP and by using the Radio-Frequency Identification system these files can be easily tracked. The RFID sensors under desktops and on the ceiling can automatically detect files as they arrive at the cubicles. This process is aimed to prevent the files being mishandled and taken out of the QPP building without authorization.


Radio frequency identification is being adopted in a wide variety of industries across the world, including aircraft manufacturing, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, defense, homeland security and retail.


The news of the ABATS’ successful project completion was published in the RFID Journal, which is the world’s leading source of RFID news and information. The journal focuses on sharing information about the latest developments and product innovations.


Click the link below to read the complete story about how ABATS completed the project of implementing the first RFID File Tracking System in Qatar.