February 14, 2024

ABA Holding Head Office hosts successful Sports Day 2024

On February 13, 2024, Ali Bin Ali Holding (Head Office Support Function) organized a thrilling sports day event at Al Dana Garden, Sharq Village and Spa in Doha, Qatar to promote sports and wellness. The event, under the theme, “Celebrate Sports, Celebrate Life,” saw a total of 350 attendees, including employees and their family members, come together for a day filled with sports and fun activities.

Welcoming attendees to the event, the Group Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad, stated that the ABA Sports Day was an essential annual event that not only fostered team spirit and camaraderie within the company, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance for the employees.

The sports event featured a variety of games and obstacles designed to cater to guests of all ages and genders. For the adults, games such as the obstacle race, triathlon, and beach volleyball were arranged to challenge them. Each department of the ABA head office was required to submit at least one team for each game, consisting of four members. These games tested participants’ endurance and teamwork skills, providing an exciting and competitive atmosphere. One of the captivating moments of the event was a session of boot camp exercises that explored members’ cardio strength and resilience.

Teenagers enjoyed games like gladiator jostling, zorb ball competitions, relays, and grass surfing, among others. While the little children were entertained with bouncy castles, face painting, and mini-interactive games. In every activity, contestants had the opportunity to win a range of prizes from duty-free vouchers, home appliances, beauty products, to shopping vouchers. All in all, the event was filled with positive energy and provided a great opportunity for a day full of jubilation.

At the conclusion of the sports day event, the long-awaited raffle draw took place, exciting participants as they eagerly awaited the results. The draw was split into two segments: the initial draw which had a variety of awards and the grand raffle that featured a coveted duty-free voucher worth QAR. 3,000.

Sports Day encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and participate in various sports and recreational activities, emphasizing the importance of physical fitness and well-being. Additionally, Sports Day in Qatar showcases the country’s commitment to sports and wellness, highlighting its dedication to promoting a culture of health and fitness. By celebrating Sports Day, Qatar reinforces the values of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship, while also reinforcing its position as a global hub for sports and recreation.

Click the link below to see the videos of the ABA Head Office Sports Day event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijYdDzg7B3A