March 29, 2015

ABA Group Finance Team Get Together 2015

A day of celebration, relaxation and fellowship was enjoyed recently by the ABA Finance team. Held to reflect the thought that “United we stand, divided we fall” a staff get together was organised on the 27th  March 2015. The success of the gathering can be measured by the enthusiasm with which the staff state on the event.

The 27th  March was the perfect choice for this gathering. The day started with fun that lasted right from dawn to dusk! Sealine Beach Resort was the planet of the day for the Finance Community. They had games for all ages pooling tiny tots and Moms-n- Dads, they had lucky draw gifts not to mention a great afternoon meal!

All managers and employees were present with their families, with almost the entire community represented. It was a delightful day for all who gathered.”