April 1, 2015

ABA celebrates 31st GCC Traffic Week

As a responsible corporate citizen who promotes road safety, the Ali Bin Ali Group was pleased to support Qatar’s 31st Gulf Traffic week by stepping forward as a sponsor. Organized by the Ministry of Interior of Qatar, the event was held from the 9th – 15th March 2015 at Darb Sa’ii. The 31st GCC Traffic Week was declared open by Major General Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi, the Director General of Public Security. This year’s theme was ‘Your Decision Determines Your Fate.’ Among those who attended the event were Brigadier Mohamed Saad al-Kharji, the Director General of Traffic along with officials from GCC countries, directors and officers of different departments of Ministry of Interior. The week long events held in celebration of the 31st Gulf Traffic Week included a traffic exhibition, traditional tent, children games, field archery, traffic village, a safe driving simulator, safe desert rally for bicycles, musical and theatrical events, wireless flying cars, a classic car show, a panorama of traffic accidents, along with a police music show. The Ali Bin Ali Group’s Watches and Jewellery division donated some valuable items as gifts and giveaways for the event.