September 30, 2023

ABA Beverages Supports Doha International Basketball Championships

On September 25 – 30, 2023, ABA Beverages was privileged to be part of the sponsors for the Doha International Basketball Championships held at Al Gharafa Arena, Doha. The event, which was organized by Doha Active Sports, attracted 8 teams from across 7 countries: Al Zamalek from Egypt; Sagesse Sports Club Beirut from Lebanon; Meralco Bolts from Philippines; Fath Union Sports from Morocco; Diljah University Sports Club from Iraq; Beirut Club from Lebanon; Al Arabi SC from Kuwait; and Al Ahly from Libya.

As expected, the week-long league delivered moments of full excitement and entertainment to the 25,000 enthusiasts who attended various games and the thousands of fans from the competing countries, streaming the matches online or on TV.

The championships consisted of 19 games including elimination playoffs culminating to the finals which was played on October 1, 2023 between Beirut Club and Sagesse Sports Club Beirut both from Lebanon. In the captivating tussle, Beirut Club scored 90 points against its competitor and was crowned the 2023 Doha International Basketball Champion.

Expressing his gratitude, the General Manager of ABA Beverages, Mr. Marc Karam, expressed the company’s commitment to promoting sports initiatives and grow talent across all ages and gender. “We are delighted to be part of the team supporting the basketball championships and to be part of the community in Qatar that promotes the efforts of International Basketball Federation. Across the years, ABA Beverages has been supporting different sports initiatives within Qatar to increase our prominence and involvement in the games. By investing in sports, I believe our vibrant company promotes the quality of sports produced in the country and creates a positive image among fans, attendees, customers and the media,” said Mr. Karam.

The Doha International Basketball Championships is part of the holistic efforts of Qatar in promoting sports and culture in the country. It is also a build-up to the 2027 FIBA Basketball World Cup to be held in Qatar. This will be the 20th tournament of the FIBA Basketball World Cup for men’s national basketball teams.

ABA Beverages takes keen interest in giving back to the community by taking an active and positive social role in the activities around the people.