Ali Bin Ali Holding’s QCare Medical celebrates going live with FORWARD

It was celebration time at QCare Medical after the division went live with Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Holding’s ERP FORWARD project on October 14. On October 29, the entire QCare team headed by General Manager Mr. Zuhdi Z Al-Jaouni gathered on the QCare premises to commemorate the successful beginning of their FORWARD journey.


FORWARD Project Sponsor Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik, FORWARD PMO Manager Mr. Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud, FORWARD Project Manager Mr. Ahmad Hamdy Shalaby, General Manager of ABA IT Mr. Youssef C. Moussa and ABA Group Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Imad Hashim were also present at the event to applaud the teamwork of QCare and the FORWARD project team.


Opening the event, Mr. Zuhdi said: “The owners have made a heavy investment in this system in order to support the continuity of the business, and we should also give our best efforts to make it successful. The QCare team, along with ABA IT and the FORWARD project team, will need to make sure the systems functions well. We know there will be ups and downs in this journey, and I would like you to take charge and be proactive in solving any problem that may arise.”


Thanking everyone for their efforts, Mr. Ebrik said: “Systems are always given to you as tools and they will remain just tools unless you use it. It is with your efforts, the system will become productivity. QCare is the 12th ABA division to Go Live with FORWARD, and the issues with the application are also now decreasing. However, if you still face any problems you can always approach the ERP team and support user.”


The gathering was also the perfect chance to recognize the FORWARD heroes in QCare. While each and every member of the division contributed to the Go Live, there were some who offered their consistent support to the entire team and made the transition to the FORWARD system smooth. 


A certificate of appreciation was handed over by Mr. Zuhdi and Mr Ebrik to Logistics Officer Aleth Cruz, Division Coordinator Pinky Sharma and Senior Product Specialist Marwa Kamel.


To add a fun element to the gathering and in line with the event’s slogan ‘Your pulse took us forward’, an engagement activity was planned for the evening. The QCare team and their FORWARD associates were individually checked for their blood pressure and heart rate. The team members then wrote down the reading on the banner and signed it off.


The FORWARD application at QCare went live with three modules – Finance, Logistic and Sales – and the system has proved to quicken their overall work process, avoiding any tedious and redundant task. With all data streamlined, complete and in proper order, the QCare staff are happy with the application.

ABA Holding’s PCP division all set to join the FORWARD family

After stabilizing FORWARD operations in QQP, Ali Bin Ali (ABA) Holding’s ERP project is preparing to Go Live at another FMCG division of the Group – Prime Consumer Products (PCP). Similar to QQP, PCP will be going live with the following modules – Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and later, Trade-Marketing.


After September 27, there will be a cut-off of five working days in PCP when some of the business areas will stop operations for the transition to take place. PCP will go live with FORWARD ERP on October 7.


FORWARD’s journey in PCP began in July 2018 when officials of the FMCG department and the FORWARD team decided to Go Live with the application in October. Towards the end of July, the GM of PCP, Mr. Ghassan Aibef, met with the FORWARD team to discuss the transition and implementation phase and detailed plans were formulated to ensure that the change was smooth.


This was followed by functional meetings where the project timeline was discussed along with process-mapping. For each of the modules, dedicated captains were selected and made responsible for the progress.


No transformation is free of roadblocks and, like the other divisions of ABA Holding, the PCP division too faced a few challenges in the process of implementation. However, the team overcame the challenges and the staff of PCP had a great learning curve, coming out of their comfort zone to get used to the FORWARD application. 


Apart from the PCP staff getting used to the system, another challenge was dealing with customers. It was hard for customers like Proctor & Gamble as they had to go through their internal process of listing PCP again in their system. Similar to the customer cycle, the suppliers’ cycle also had to go through similar challenges for smooth placement of orders through the system and creating internal reports. 


Speaking about the introduction of the FORWARD application in his division, Mr. Aibef said: “Getting the right mindset and moving from the old methods was a challenge in the beginning. However, the team’s commitment and positive attitude towards the project have made the journey so far effective. I hope that over time people will grow more comfortable with using the system.”



We wish Team PCP big success!