QQP starts to transform its future with FORWARD

November 29, 2017 was an important day in the calendar of all Qatar Quality Product (QQP) division staff members as they embarked on a vital journey with the transition to the ERP FORWARD system. In view of the mammoth transformation the division is undergoing, the QQP FORWARD implementation process comes with the slogan ‘Transform The Future Today!’


The ERP transition phase for QQP is unique as, for the first time in the history of Ali Bin Ali Group, all business transactions in the division have been shut down for a few days to facilitate the transformation process. The system will Go Live in the first week of December.


A gathering was organized at the head office to flag off the journey and the occasion was graced by the presence of the Vice-Chairman & EVP of Ali Bin Ali Group, Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali. 


Also present at the event was the top management of Ali Bin Ali Group, including Chief Operating Officer – FMCG Mr. Nabil Mourad, Executive Sponsor for the FORWARD Project and Chief Operating Officer – ICT Mr. Mohamad A. Ebrik and General Manager of QQP Mr. Dany Aoun.


Expressing his support for the ERP project, Mr. Nabeel said: “We have embarked on a very critical and intense journey and once completed, FORWARD will transform the Group forever. We have to continue the trend of successful ERP implementation in each and every division. There is no looking back. I am proud of our achievements so far and am confident about successfully implementing the ERP system for the entire Ali Bin Ali Group”. 


Thanking Mr. Nabeel Ali Bin Ali for his continuous support for the project, both Mr. Mourad and Mr. Ebrik stressed the fact that there is no going back and everything has to be right. They also expressed confidence in the commitment of the staff and said the ‘ERP automation would take the organization into a new arena’.


Group Chief Financial Officer Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad took this opportunity to thank the Finance team for their efforts and highlighted how these efforts will benefit the ABA Group and its operations.


Shedding light on QQP’s transition plan, FORWARD Project Managers – ABA’s Youssef Farajallah Mahmoud and Intrasoft’s Amer Dakhqan – explained to the QQP staff the timeline and Go Live activities. The session drew to a close with the inauguration of the Go Live countdown calendar by Mr. Dany. He applauded the efforts of the QQP staff and revitalized them with his encouraging words.


We wish the QQP staff all the best for their transition journey.

FORWARD moves a step ahead, goes live at ABA Medical

Adding yet another feather in the cap of the super-efficient FORWARD initiative, the Supply Chain Management of Ali Bin Ali Medical went live with ERP application on Monday, November 13. The FORWARD team and ABA Medical’s staff gathered at the Head Office to flag off the journey.


The meeting mainly aimed at addressing the Division’s Go Live preparation, Go Live and post-Go Live activities. The Medical team was also briefed on the magnitude of the project and the effect it would have on business processes.


The Medical Division was chosen to be one of the four pilot sites for this challenging project because it is a unique business model in ABA with a diligent and dedicated workforce that is up to the challenge.


Introduction of the system is a major transformation for the Medical Division and it will automate procedures – thereby making operations more efficient. It was a monumental challenge to implement the system.


General Manager of ABA Medical Mr. Zuhdi Al-Jaouni played a key role in the initiative and left no stone unturned to facilitate the process and properly channel the efforts of the team to ensure success. He was very aptly supported by Assistant General Manger Mr. Mamdouh A Al-Yazouri.


Speaking about the new application, Mr. Jaouni said, “The ERP system will benefit ABA Medical in more ways than one. The initial days may not be very smooth but once we all get used to it, there will be no looking back. ERP will change the way we operate our business.”


As with previous divisions, a support structure has been set up to make the transition process smooth. Subject matter experts, super users and consultants are working with the Intrasoft team to make sure that the system is working smoothly and all business transactions are running correctly and efficiently. 


Congratulations to the FORWARD team for yet another achievement and wish you success for rest of the ERP journey.

Ali Bin Ali Group sponsor of Aspire Zone ‘Pink Walk’

Continuing its internal initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ali Bin Ali Group came forward to lend its support to Aspire Zone Foundation’s ‘Pink Walk’ Breast Cancer Awareness event. 

The third edition of the event took place at Aspire Park on October 28, and was attended by almost 500 people. 

ABA Group joined the cause with the aim of encouraging participants to embrace a healthier lifestyle and become familiar with both the causes of breast cancer and effective identification methods.

The event, which was open to women of all age groups, included a breast cancer awareness seminar presented by Qatar Cancer Society, a photo opportunity in which the attendees formed a ‘Human Ribbon’, and a 1-kilometer walk around Aspire Park. 

More than 400 people gathered at Aspire Park to form the biggestHuman Ribbon’, as a reminder of the importance of breast cancer awareness. All the women were gifted pink caps and T-shirts as they came together to focus on health and fitness.

Ali Bin Ali Group Stands Together in Honoring October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The ABA Group cut across all boundaries and stood together as one family, to honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a Group we organized a week-long awareness campaign from October 23 under the title ‘Let’s Do More than Wearing a Ribbon!’

As part of the week-long activities we organized a headlining event at the Head Office, in co-operation with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS). The session was attended by women employees from different departments located in the Head Office as well as ABA family members from Dohatna, ABA Medical, ABA & Partners and Logistics.

QCS gave a detailed and informative presentation about breast cancer and discussed the truth and the myths about the illness. The insightful session was followed by a testimonial by a breast cancer survivor. The inspirational 37-year-old, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, shared her emotional journey and victory over cancer. 

Ending the gathering on a positive note, Ali Bin Ali Medical shared a new technological device with all the attendees and explained how it enables people to do breast cancer screening at home – thereby making prevention easier.

In order to engage our entire Group and give everyone equal opportunity to participate, we – along with ABA Medical – took the breast cancer awareness campaign to different divisions, including Travel, Al Danah, International Agencies & Prime Consumer Products, Luxury, ABATS and all ABA offices in Katara Plaza (Monoprix, Hospitality, Fashion, Desert Eye & Sports Gate) through the rest of the week.

The attendees lauded the initiative and said it gave them valuable insight into the critical health issue and would help them take appropriate decisions in future. It is important to remember, this is an ongoing campaign. As the ABA family lets remind ourselves that NOW is time to take action. Let’s do regular self-examinations and contact our doctors if we notice anything unusual.

We would like to thank everyone for their wholehearted participation and extend our gratitude to ABA Medical, Casa Flora, Fauchon and ABA Beverages for lending their precious support and making the campaign so successful.